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Videos to Help You Live A Healthier Life in Lexington, KY

Text Neck: What You Need to Know and What You Can Do

Casper: Is it Really a Friendly Ghost? 

See how it can be a Lead Driver to Street Drug Addiction and even DEATH. 3 of 4 Heroin Death Started from BACK PAIN, prescription pain meds and CASPER kicking them out of the system and the Addiction takes you to the Street to get the FIX.

It's a Global issue watch this Canadian News Report. KY is one of the Worst..Be AWARE!!!

Cell Phone EMF's and Brain Damage: Fact or Fiction?

Structure Drives and Determines Function...Ultimately Your HEALTH!

What are the Affects of NOT being Normal?

Enjoy this video presentation...a Simple Check-up can let you know if you are Normal.

Call today to Schedule yours: 859-266-2223

Independent Research Study Verifies & Validates Long-Term Results with Intergrated "Drug Free" Care for Fibromyalgis Suffers.

Dr. B. @ A. Bastecki Chiropractic & Wellness Center..."Wellness Suite 200" is the ONLY Advanced Certified CBP Doctor in Kentucky available for this protocol.
Call to get Checked and see if you QUALIFY for this Unique & Different approach to Optimize your Health.
Are YOU Ready to STOP the Needless Suffering?