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Whiplash FAQs

Whiplash Treatment Questions and Answers From Our Lexington KY Chiropractor

If you're in need of whiplash treatment, you probably have lots of questions about this painful condition and what we can do about it. Here are some answers from our Lexington KY chiropractor at A. Bastecki Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

woman with her hand on her neck from whiplash

  • What type of injury is whiplash? Whiplash is better described as a collection of injuries. It's a problem that occurs when the neck is suddenly and violently forced beyond its normal range of motion (hyperextension and hyperflexion), usually by the weight of the head when the head is flung around in an impact.
  • What are the conditions that create a case of whiplash? Whiplash can occur as a sports injury or workplace injury, but it's especially associated with car accident impacts. Even if you're strapped into your seat, the forces involved may send your head flying backward and forward.
  • What can whiplash do to the body? When the neck is forced beyond its capacity, it may experience several kinds of damage at the same time. Your cervical spine may be forced out of alignment, dislocating the joints and interfering with the normal curve of the neck. Herniated discs that pinch nearby nerve roots are also common. 
  • How fast do I need to be going to suffer whiplash in an auto accident? Don't assume that you "can’t have whiplash" just because your car was moving slowly at the time of the injury. Coming to a sudden stop from speeds of just a few miles per hour can transfer enough force to the body to cause whiplash.
  • What are the telltale symptoms of whiplash? The most obvious whiplash symptom may be neck pain and stiffness so severe that you cannot turn your head. Shoulder pain, TMJ symptoms and headaches are other painful whiplash symptoms. Neurological symptoms may include sleeplessness, cognitive disorders, tinnitus, vision problems, dizziness and depression. You may even experience pain, numbness and other symptoms in the arms or hands.
  • How can chiropractic care in Lexington help? Chiropractic care in Lexington can undo the changes forced on the cervical spine by whiplash. Our chiropractor can adjust the vertebrae to bring them back into their normal position, allowing the joints in your neck to move freely again. These corrections can also take the pinch off of pinched nerve tissue, bringing an end to your neurological problems.
  • What other therapies will your chiropractor in Lexington prescribe? Chiropractic care in Lexington may be only one aspect of a personalized holistic healing plan. Our chiropractor in Lexington may also prescribe massage therapy to relieve muscle pain and speed healing.You may also benefit from physical therapy exercises aimed at helping you rebuild weakened or damaged tissues and regain your neck mobility.

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