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Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment at A. Bastecki Chiropractic

A traumatic brain injury (TBI), whether mild or more severe, should not be ignored. These injuries can be fatal if left untreated. Some patients, if they survive, may develop severe brain damage.

By understanding what a TBI is, what causes it, and which treatments are available, you can better manage your health.

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What is a TBI and What Causes It?a

A TBI is any serious injury where the head (and brain) are affected. These include blows and collisions. The most common TBI is a concussion.

If you’ve recently experienced a slip and fall, sports injury, auto accident, workplace accident, or any other incident, be on the lookout for TBI symptoms. These may include pupil dilation, leg and arm numbness, speech slurring, sleeping longer hours, seizures and convulsions, nausea and vomiting, and very painful headaches.

These symptoms will not manifest immediately. It can sometimes take weeks for them to show up. By then, if a TBI is severe enough, it may be too late.

What Treatments Are Available for TBIs?

If you think you have a TBI, don’t wait to receive treatment. Your chiropractor or other medical professional will start with a baseline test. This is used to detect if there are brain abnormalities after a TBI. This test can also reveal the severity of the injury.

This test picks up on more brain activity than MRIs and x-rays, so make sure to specially request baseline testing if such a test isn’t immediately offered to you.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

If you have a head injury such as a TBI, make sure to see your chiropractor. It’s possible you may have also injured your neck and/or back during the incident. Additional pressure on the spinal column from a TBI can cause pain and a lack of mobility in the neck and/or back.

Your chiropractor will assess the state of your spine, looking for improper curvature and alignment. They’ll also look for spinal protrusions. With chiropractic techniques such as spinal adjustments, your chiropractor will correct these spinal issues.

Over time, you’ll notice that mobility has returned. You’ll also be in less pain. Your chiropractor may recommend combining chiropractic treatments with physical therapy, massage therapy, or acupuncture for whole-body wellness.

About A Bastecki Chiropractic, Your Chiropractor in Lexington, KY

Do you have a TBI and need chiropractic care or other treatment? Come see us at A. Bastecki Chiropractic, your chiropractor in Lexington, KY.

We’re led by Dr. Anthony Bastecki, who has nearly 30 years of industry experience. He’ll treat pain associated with such injuries and conditions as arthritis, childhood conditions, neck and back injuries, sports injuries, muscle pain, car accident injuries, headaches/migraines, and more.

Our services include Biofreeze cold treatment, custom orthotics, diagnostic services, therapeutic exercises, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling, and spinal adjustments.

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