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Neck Pain Solutions from Our Chiropractor in Lexington

Neck pain plagues a large segment of our modern population, from the postural strain created by "text neck" to degenerative disc disease and devastating injuries such as whiplash. However you may have managed to obtain your current case of neck pain, you're most likely seeking the safest yet most effective relief you can get. Here at A. Bastecki Chiropractic and Wellness Center, our chiropractor in Lexington can discover the source of your discomfort and provide natural, drug-free, non-surgical answers to help your neck feel and function better.

Do you suffer from neck pain? Leave your neck pain to our Lexington chiropractor for natural treatments that really work. Call us today to learn more!

The Nature of Neck Pain

Many people are hurting their necks without even realizing it, especially in this age of mobile devices. Keeping your head constantly stooped over to examine your smartphone or tablet can add up to 60 pounds of strain on the neck, resulting in a case of the aptly-nicknamed "text neck." Over time, this kind of postural abnormality can cause muscle strain, premature joint wear in the upper cervical spine and nerve impingement problems.

Degenerative disc disease is another ailment that can sneak up slowly on your neck. Age-related dehydration of the spinal discs can cause them to flatten out and lose height, tugging at the spinal joints and promoting osteoarthritis. A flattened disc may also herniate, pinching nearby cervical roots with its inner material in the process. Symptoms may include not only neck pain but also arm, hand and shoulder pain.

Acute injuries are a more sudden and dramatic means of acquiring neck pain. Whiplash is a notable example, with the violent "whipping" of the head causing torn neck muscles, cervical misalignment and nerve impingement all at once.

Neck Pain Relief at Our Lexington Chiropractic Clinic

If neck surgery sounds even more unpleasant to you than neck pain, come to our Lexington chiropractic clinic for conservative care that can relieve your symptoms naturally and non-invasively. Our chiropractor can perform a variety of diagnostic tests and evaluations to determine the location and extent of your problem. This enables us to administer treatments such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustment - Chiropractic adjustment can mobilize cervical spinal joints impaired by a misalignment. This rights the neck and head posture, removing nerve pressure and muscle strain.

  • Physical therapy - Our Lexington chiropractor may prescribe physical therapy to help you regain soft tissue strength and flexibility. Ongoing exercises can then lend it greater strength to help you maintain the right neck and head posture.

  • Massage therapy - Massage therapy can relieve pain and promote healing in injured or strained muscles.

  • Lifestyle counseling - If "text neck," non-ergonomic work positions and other postural problems are placing undue strain on the structures of your neck, we can recommend specific steps and strategies to help you avoid hurting yourself in the future.

Call Our Lexington Chiropractor Today

Leave your neck pain to our Lexington chiropractor for natural treatments that really work. Call A. Bastecki Chiropractic and Wellness Center at (859) 266-2223 today!