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Our Lexington Chiropractor Answers Frequently Asked Auto Accident Injury Questions

Even after the initial shock and distress of your auto accident has faded, you may find yourself grappling with all kinds of physical problems and symptoms -- as well as a lot of confusion over what's going in your body and how you can heal.

Been in a recent car crash? Our car accident chiropractor in Lexington answers frequently asked questions about auto accidents; call us now to learn more!

Here Are Answers to Some FAQs about Auto Accident Injuries from Our Lexington Chiropractor:

  • My car was barely bumped. How could I be injured?  When massive objects like cars are suddenly stopped, the forces exchanged can be considerable. Even a 5-mph impact can transfer a lot of energy to your musculoskeletal system.

  • Do I have whiplash? If your head was whipped around by the impact, you may experience the telltale signs of whiplash. These symptoms can include neck pain/stiffness, headaches, vertigo, vision/hearing disturbances and hand or arm dysfunction.

  • My torso was restrained by the safety belt, so why is my back hurting? A three-point harness may save your life, but it can't prevent your torso from twisting in an impact.t The twisting motion can injure spinal joints and tear muscles your back.

  • How can an auto accident cause leg and foot symptoms? If your lower back got jolted in the accident, lumbar discs may have become herniated so that they press against sciatic nerve roots. This causes the leg/foot pain, tingling, numbness or muscle weakness known as sciatica.

  • I have no symptoms at all. Can I assume that I'm not injured? Unfortunately, an absence of immediate symptoms doesn't mean you're okay. The shock of the incident may cause injury symptoms to make a delayed appearance, allowing you to go for days or weeks without getting the care you need. Don't take that risk -- get an evaluation at our Lexington chiropractic center.

  • How do you diagnose an auto accident injury? Our chiropractor in Lexington will use X-rays and other advanced diagnostic methods to examine your musculoskeletal system, while also evaluating any symptoms you're currently experiencing. We can then prescribe the right mix of rehabilitative and pain relief solutions.

  • What can chiropractic adjustment do for my symptoms? Chiropractic adjustment can realign dislocated vertebral joints to restore freedom of motion and normal posture (which in turn relieves stress on aching muscles). It also shifts spinal structures away from nerve roots to relieve impingement-related symptoms.

  • What other natural healing methods do you prescribe for auto accident injuries? Our Lexington chiropractic clinic provides a wide range of natural therapies to help you rehabilitate damaged soft tissues, repair your muscles and obtain drug-free pain relief. These may include massage therapy, BioFreeze physiotherapy, physical therapy exercises and other safe, effective techniques.

Learn More -- and Get Help -- from Our Chiropractor in Lexington

Our Lexington chiropractor has the answers, treatments and relief you seek. Call (859) 266-2223 to schedule an evaluation at A. Bastecki Chiropractic and Wellness Center!